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Programmatic media buying has changed everything

Programmatic media buying has changed everything

October 19, 2021

Using Host Read Ads and Media Buys to Expand Your Audience

We are regularly asked at Funnel Media Group how to jump-start a show's reach into new markets, and reach new audiences. This episode covers advertising, sponsors, and the change in best practices over the past two years. Consumer behaviors have changed - how they consume media. This is where our guest, Mary Ann Pruitt shines through her agency, Mosaic Media Agency. You will want to consider all of her insights and advice, as well as some great suggestions you can get started with today.

Who are we targeting?

How are we targeting?

What about the third-party cookie thing?

First-party data is available to you - you just don't realize it. It's time to invest in collecting your own first-party data.

Listen to this episode: Programmatic media buying has changed everything.


About Mary Ann Pruitt

Mary Ann Pruitt is the CEO and President of Mosaic Media, a collection of media buying experts and creative strategists who negotiate, purchase, and monitor advertising space and airtime. Mary Ann started her career in media by working as a senior sales executive for some of the nation’s largest media outlets. After discovering her talent and love for all things media strategy, she founded Mosaic as a way to provide niche expert experience to agencies and marketing departments across the country.

Her hard work and savvy strategy skills have led Mosaic to year-over-year growth and has expanded her impact as an industry leader in all things traditional, digital, and everything in between. Reflecting this is a 2020 award from Cynopsis Media naming her as a Top Woman in Media.

Mary Ann has helped develop effective marketing strategies for agencies of all sizes, small businesses, service businesses, private educational institutions, and legal and professional services businesses along with many others. She is passionate about passing on the experience that she has gained to eager professionals looking for actionable marketing tips.

What is a Podcast Guest Management Firm?

What is a Podcast Guest Management Firm?

September 8, 2021

Interview Valet on Behind the Mic from Funnel Radio


This episode was inspired by the great guests Interview Valet has been sending us for our hosts, and by a blog post, "Checklist Before You are a Guest on a Podcast". This episode covers expectations for guests hiring a podcast guest management firm, for those being contacted by them to have their clients on your shows, and what should be expected of all for a successful appearance on a show. You can read the post here. Listen to this conversation with my guest, Lasina Jensen, Client Success Team Manager at Interview Valet.

Please listen to this episode and share it out to your circles that are podcasts guests and hosts.

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Funnel Feud and 3 Questions We Asked Podcast Teams

Funnel Feud and 3 Questions We Asked Podcast Teams

July 5, 2021


You know the music, you know how it works. Play along with our version - Funnel Feud to hear the answers to these questions:

1. What is a reason you would want a do-over with a guest?

2. What is the reason your podcast failed?

3. What is your favorite podcast equipment?

We asked 100 podcast hosts, producers and teams and the answers in this episode are what they said. You can get the full list from us - just email us. If you want to know our favorite equipment, we'll tell you that, too! It will be part of another upcoming episode on Behind The Mic - Funnel Media Group's favorite equipment and tools for producing podcasts.


Podcast Editing Tips for Hosts, Guests, and Editors

Podcast Editing Tips for Hosts, Guests, and Editors

March 24, 2021


Podcasting editors' tips from EJ Albaugh. EJ reminds us that if we can do a bit of practice we can save time and money with our editing solutions. Don't be afraid of a retake, and beware of Zoom twang when there are bandwidth issues for your host or your guest, or your producer.  If you listen to this and would like the podcaster's checklist magnet from Funnel Media Group, email [email protected] with your mailing address and we'll get one to you. While you're at it, send us your podcast URL so we can check it out!


Slow Show Time is the Time to Review and Improve

Slow Show Time is the Time to Review and Improve

November 11, 2020


Sometimes guests are hard to secure during the holidays. Sometimes you are pulled in many directions and don't have the same time for your show. That's OK. Make the use of this time to improve your podcast for next season. Listen to these 10 tips you can start right away. 

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Need to Move Your Podcast? Slow down so you don’t botch up your good work.

Need to Move Your Podcast? Slow down so you don’t botch up your good work.

November 4, 2020

To Do list before you move your podcast

You created this great podcast, or so you thought, and you liked how it was set up, but not really. And you have new team members and they say, "I hate that software, I hate that platform, let's do something better." Or maybe even that platform went away or stopped being as effective, whatever the reason there's a need for a move. But there are some different types of moves. This episode is going to cover what you need to be aware of, how you can prep, and how you can avoid getting missed listeners and losing all your subscribers.

If you do need to move your show and this list is too daunting, reach out to [email protected] - The team at Funnel Media Group can help you with this transition so nothing is missed. 

Ten Steps to Start a Podcast in Two Weeks

Ten Steps to Start a Podcast in Two Weeks

August 4, 2020


Many people want to do a podcast, but most don't know how to start. Funnel Media Group's VP of Operations, Susan Finch teaches regular courses through the DMANC - Direct Marketing Association's Northern California Chapter. Her most popular courses are on podcasting fundamentals and advanced troubleshooting for podcasts. This week she'll give us her 10 basic steps to launching a podcast in two weeks. It's not your typical list. This episode is for anyone tasked with revving up a podcast for their company, resurrecting a failed on, or exploring podcasting as a service to offer their clients.

Funnel Radio ChannelFunnel Radio Channel is hosted byJames Obermayer, which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.    Funnel Radio Podcast Channel by the Funnel Media Group, LLC

Narrowcast Podcasting for B2B Marketers

Narrowcast Podcasting for B2B Marketers

May 27, 2020


B2B Podcasts have matured to reach a passionate narrowcast audience.  The Two Podcast Guys, Paul Roberts, and Jim Obermayer discuss the differences between broadcasting and narrowcasting and the benefits of narrowcasting for B2B Makreters.    This program’s audience is every B2B marketer.

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5 Podcast Pre-Launch Tips

5 Podcast Pre-Launch Tips

December 6, 2018


Podcasts continue to be a hot digital vehicle to reach at-work and away from work listeners. As webinars have waned in usefulness, radio podcasts have surged as the digital media with long tails to build thought leadership, a personal brand and a network that knows of you and your company. It is a friendly, entertaining, non-threatening, fountain of information. 

Podcasts  break through social media and lead generation clutter by connecting with the audience in an authentic manner. Some say social media and podcasting are the new resume.

But before you jump in-front of a microphone and spend 2-4 hours of recording and editing, give some thought about what it takes to be a successful podcaster.

For those new to podcasting, you probably may not realize it, but B2B podcasts from you and your company create multi-use content, testimonials, thought leadership, and relationships with industry leaders. Plus, podcasts create a personal brand for the host. Podcasts introduce you and your products to thousands of potential customers and those that refer customers, but there are five things you must have in mind to be a success. At the Funnel Media Group, publisher of the Funnel Radio Channel, after producing dozens of podcast programs with hundreds of thousands of listeners, we have found the following to be needed before you start your podcast.

  1. You must be consistent: To gain followers (listeners and subscribers) you must produce a show that they can follow with regularlity. Once a month programming is very good, twice a month for moderately sized companies provides more visibility and a following. Weekly programs published from large companies and marketing departments are better when they can use the enormous amount of content which comes from each podcast.  
  2. Decide why you are doing a podcast. Decide what your goals are before you start. Podcasting is about building and conversing with an audience. And as Jason Calicanis once said, “Audience equals power.” Do you want to introduce yourself to movers and shakers in your industry by interviewing them?  Do you want to build a personal brand? A podcast can create great testimonials for you and your company. Do you want to build a network of people that follow you?  How about creating content for your marketing efforts such as ebooks, nurture content, case studies, blog entries? Some podcasters have hundreds of listeners and they are happy, some thousands per episode.
  3. Your show needs professionalism: Sound, host and announcer quality are important.  Music introductions, transcripts, separate announcers and commercials add interest and entertainment value. A professionally produced podcast from an agency that specializes in podcast production  can produce a podcast for the host and company including the storage site, studio, announcer, music, artwork, embeddable code, etc., for as little as $500 per episode.  You do not have to have an announcer voice, but you do have to be interesting, don’t take yourself too seriously, and remember if you have a guest, it is about the guest.
  4. Content must be interesting: It is entertainment after all, don’t lose sight of this. Listeners want to learn in an entertaining way, it is expected. Entertainment has more to do with the guest and a tightly edited program than humor and sound effects. Each program’s title and its content must be stimulating and worth the time invested by the listener. Programs with “How-To” or similar titles are the most popular and long lasting. Using an industry personality’s name may help, but you have to use a giant name such as Marc Benioff in the title to benefit from it.
  5. The ideal show length: An ideal program length should be determined by how much time a listener will give you. An hour is too long (most producers will agree) because the listener has probably reached their destination, come in from walking the dog or run their training circuit. 22-30 minutes is ideal for the listener who listens on a mobile device away from work. Longer than that and your guests may also run out of things to talk about; keep it short and less boring.

Bonus Tips for Podcasters

  1. Hope is not a strategy. Use the content, don’t just record and post it and hope someone finds you. Your company can use the content many ways. Podcasts produce a plethora of content option such as testimonial quotes, blogs, nurture messages, ebooks, hard cover books, guest websites, white papers or case studies.
  2. It takes time to build a following and network, but once build, you’re golden: Whether it is your company name or your name, it takes more than a few episodes to build a following. At 6-12 episodes, people recognize the company and that you are hosting a regular podcast. With each succeeding show you gain listeners, followers and a reputation. Considering how little time you put into a podcast (22-30 minutes a show) it’s a good investment.  How to Measure Podcast Contributions to Revenue.
  3. Guests are easy to get:  Guests want the exposure as much as you do. 90-95% of the people you ask to be guests will agree. With over 500 executive interviews I can count on one hand the people that have turned us down, usually because of timing. Guest love to be heard, they feel honored that you ask. After all, it is all about them.

Follow these tips and you too can join the podcast personalities that reach thousands of listeners with thought provoking guests. Today’s mobile listeners want business entertainment and training without the clutter of so many social media outlets. 

If you want to pitch an idea for a podcast on the Funnel Radio Channel, contact me Susan Finch, [email protected], and let’s talk.

Shortcut to Your Personal Brand

Shortcut to Your Personal Brand

November 28, 2018


Having your own personal brand, beyond words on a resume or your company biography, makes sense, is required and expected. It could be a sales management job, marketing management (of course); even CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and presidents have personal brand considerations.  When you consider creating your own personal brand, you’re investing in yourself and your future.

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