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November 11, 2019


Susan Finch, President Funnel Media Group

Susan started as our web designer and morphed into our digital and content strategist, host, and senior producer of Funnel Radio channel. Her attitude of “AND THEN!” growth of FMG is taking the agency to the next level. Susan is happy to report long-standing relationships with her clients; some go back over twenty years. he enjoys assisting in the planning of their marketing effort through strategic content so they evolve to include new and current technologies, as well as social media trends. She helps for as long as you need the help or just whenever you need an extra hand. 

In addition to social media weaving, writing, and managing, she's also available to help with podcasts and video hosting, and voiceover. She creates the most efficient use of your time regarding social media or helping you when you are too slammed to do it yourself. Her custom training videos are becoming more popular to teach YOUR regular tasks to your staff to cut down on consulting time.


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