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November 11, 2019


Inside, Inside Sales

Tune in to INSIDE Inside Sales with Darryl Praill for actionable strategies and tactics from top sales experts to increase your sales success.
On INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl Praill has unscripted conversations with the leading sales experts, from veteran sales pros to the newest rising stars. If you’re looking for a lively debate, spirited conversations, and proven sales know-how, you’ve come to the right podcast. 
You’ll hear engaging conversations on cold calling, social selling, email, scripting, prospecting, coaching, training, onboarding, cadence, persistence and much more. 
Salespeople and sales leaders alike will walk away with actionable advice from every episode. Get ready to have your beliefs reaffirmed or shaken. Get ready to go INSIDE Inside Sales!
Darryl Praill, Host of Inside, Inside Sales

Darryl Praill, Chief Marketing Officer of VanillaSoft, is a high-tech marketing executive with over 25 years’ experience spanning startups, re-starts, consolidations, acquisitions, divestments and IPO’s. He has been widely quoted in the media including television, press, and trade publications. He is a guest lecturer, public speaker, and radio personality and has been featured in numerous podcasts, case studies, and best-selling books.

Praill is a former recipient of the coveted Forty Under 40 Award and has held senior executive roles in leading companies including Sybase, Cognos (now IBM), webPLAN (now Kinaxis), and CML Emergency Services (now AIRBUS). He has raised over $50 million in venture funding across multiple organizations and consulted with world-class corporations including Salesforce, SAP, and Nielsen. He is a Computer Science graduate from Sheridan College.


Revenue Optimization Radio:

The only way to unlock sustained growth is delivering predictable revenue, and that’s the focus on Revenue Optimization Radio. Delivering insights, thought leadership, and best practice on how to improve sales velocity, Revenue Optimization Radio talks to the top B2B sales leaders, sales ops, enablement, and marketing execs to help you crack the code to high-performance selling. Revenue Optimization Radio brought to you by Altify, the Sales Transformation company.

Patrick Morrissey, CMO Altify:

Patrick Morrissey is the Chief Marketing Officer at Altify, responsible for all aspects of marketing as well as channels and alliances. Prior to joining Altify, he was CRO of Simpplr and has held multiple executive positions in sales and marketing at Salesforce, DataSift, Savvion, and Business Objects.


Revenue Rebels by DemandLab

The rule-breaking marketing and sales leaders who are accelerating business growth with a fanatically customer-centric approach.

Rhoan Morgan, CEO DemandLab

As CEO of DemandLab, Rhoan sets the direction for the technologies, strategies, and partnerships that drive success for the agency’s clients. An early proponent of marketing automation, Rhoan continues to explore the next wave of technologies and analytics that support engaging customer journeys, and deliver valuable customer insights that advance business goals and accelerate revenue


LeadGenius Radio

The B2B Data vendor space is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of accepting incomplete, inaccurate and eroded data as the norm. The data space has been plagued by misinformation about what good B2B data is and how to find it. Tune into LeadGenius Radio to hear top B2B data vendors and buyers discuss the reality of today’s data landscape, help you navigate your buying decisions and laugh along the way. 

Mark Godley, CEO of LeadGenius

Mark has a verified track record for creating and leading organizations that consistently surpass revenue objectives and is best known for driving revenue that significantly outpaces industry growth while rejecting herd mentality.


Outstanding Outbound

Mari Anne Vanella

Mari Anne Vanella has 25+ years of sales and business management experience. As Founder/CEO of sales development firms in Silicon Valley, her organizations have consistently delivered long-term, successful sales development programs to high tech and services industries across the United States.


SLMA Radio

James Obermayer

Publisher of the Funnel Media Group, LLC and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association (2011) - 9,000 world-wide members.  Senior Producer of the Funnel Radio Channel for business to business internet radio and podcast replays.

The host of SLMA Radio, the long-running (2007) internet radio program that discusses sales lead management and sales lead generation topics and 


Rooted in Revenue

“Creating a new revenue stream with events can be challenging yet highly lucrative, that’s where Lany’s expertise comes in. I stay focused on missed steps in digital marketing.” said Rooted in Revenue Co-host Susan Finch.  The program is co-hosted by Lany Sullivan and Susan Finch. 

Susan Finch

Susan is happy to report long-standing relationships with her clients; some go back over twenty years. he enjoys assisting in the planning of their marketing effort through strategic content so they evolve to include new and current technologies, as well as social media trends. She helps for as long as you need the help or just whenever you need an extra hand. 

In addition to social media weaving, writing and managing, she's also available to help with podcast and video hosting and voiceover. She creates the most efficient use of your time regarding social media or helping you when you are too slammed to do it yourself. Her custom training videos are becoming more popular to teach YOUR regular tasks to your staff to cut down on consulting time.


CRM Radio

About Paul Petersen

Petersen is the General Manager and Vice President of GoldMine. His career spans working with sales and marketing systems and processes, having developed, managed, and sold for companies including McDonald's Corporation, General Electric, Symantec, and Allied Van Lines. He now has 19 years with a CRM background at GoldMine. He holds a JD from Loyola University of Chicago and was one of the first to be awarded the Professional Certified Marketer designation by the American Marketing Association.


Sales Pipeline Radio

Host, Matt Heinz will bring guests to you with tips to help you build your sales pipeline. topics to include: Social Selling, Pipeline Management, Content Strategy and case studies, the latest in marketing technology - the good, the bad and the ridiculous, Sales Enablement, and Demand Generation.
About Matt Heinz

A prolific author and nationally recognized, award-winning blogger, Matt is President and Founder of Heinz Marketing with 20 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from a variety of organizations and industries. He is a dynamic speaker, memorable not only for his keen insight and humor but his actionable and motivating takeaways. 


Asher Sales Sense

John W. Asher III
CEO Asher Strategies

John is an experienced international speaker on sales, sales management, and marketing for Vistage, a worldwide network of CEOs.

Kyla O'Connell
VP of Sales and Marketing
Senior Partner and Trainer 

Kyla is a top executive and partner at Ascher, a sales and marketing consulting company based in Washington, D.C.


WVU Marketing Communications Today

WVU Marketing Communications Today, a syndicated show that is at the intersection of data-driven decision making and marketing practice. Each week we will highlight an emerging or current trend impacting marketers today. Hosted by Cyndi Greenglass, our inaugural faculty member in the Masters of Science DMC program, we will hear from leading professionals who blend the academics and practice of data-driven marketing today.

Cyndi Greenglass

Cyndi W. Greenglass is a founding partner and Senior Vice President Strategic Solutions at Diamond Communication Solutions, a data-driven communications firm specializing in Healthcare, Financial Services, and direct response solutions. Cyndi has twice been named into the Top 100 Influential BTB Marketers by Crain’s BtoB Magazine and was the 2012 CADM Chicago Direct Marketer of the Year. Cyndi is a member of the Executive Management team at Diamond Marketing Solutions where she is responsible for the strategic planning process, participates in strategic acquisitions, and manages the agency services division.

Prior to becoming a “Direct Marketer”, Cyndi spent 10 years in the international business consulting arena with the U.S. Embassy, the Canadian Consulate General, and the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service. In 2016 Cyndi was named one of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management and one of the 10 Most Fascinating People in Business to Business Marketing. Cyndi is passionate about educating future marketers on the importance of data analytics for strategic decision making. She lectures on data and digital marketing nationally is highly sought after to speak at major industry conferences. Cyndi received her B.A. from the University of Toronto and holds an M.S. in IMC from WVU. She is delighted to join the faculty of her alma mater as an online adjunct instructor.

Matthew Cummings

Matthew Cummings is a senior marketing communications specialist at Erie Insurance, a publicly-traded Fortune 500 insurance company based in Pennsylvania. In this role, he is part of the company’s corporate marketing team and leads ERIE’s shared advertising buy initiative across 12 states and the District of Columbia.

Matthew’s award-winning marketing communications career includes more than 15 years of corporate communications, marketing, and public relations experience in public education and non-profit roles — most recently serving as director of communications for the city school system in Erie, Pennsylvania.

He also served as vice president of Core Creative, a small marketing communications agency in Pennsylvania serving manufacturing, retail, education, and nonprofit clients and enjoyed a five-year career in commercial radio as an announcer/producer.

David Lynch

Michael Lynch recently served as the director of loyalty marketing and market research at Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises for 11 years. In his role, he was responsible for all direct marketing efforts including; strategy, teleservices, Frequent Diner loyalty club, email marketing, website, and operational customer relationship management. Lynch was also responsible for research and market survey analysis.

Karen Freberg

Karen is an associate professor in strategic communications at the University of Louisville as well as an adjunct instructor for the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Graduate Online Program at West Virginia University. She is actively involved in researching public relations, reputation management, social media, and crisis communications.


Market Dominance Guys

We are in the midst of an exciting yet seismic change across the profession of modern sales. Improved (and much smarter) marketing tools, more compelling sales methodologies, better-designed datasets, and even the introduction of Artificial Intelligence have all lent a hand to upgraded efficiency and higher close rates. The unshakable mission of a company, however, remains constant - if not all the more elusive: "Those that dominate their market are those that are going to win." Join Chris Beall and Corey Frank for a journey into the vast forces, best practices, and simple path that can propel your organization to reach true market dominance.

Corey Frank

Corey Frank is – at heart – an idea guy, as well as a sales guy, who can take a good punch…repeatedly. He loves launching relevant technology, shepherding culture-rich and sales-driven organizations and cultivating teams to spark serious revenue. It’s been rumored that he’s addicted to Diet Mountain Dew, whiteboards, and a cool story. He also suffers from incurable sales ADD and is known to break out in hives upon any launch of a dry PowerPoint or uncreative and meek sales pitch. 

Chris Beall

Chris has been participating in software start-ups as a founder or at a very early stage for most of the past 35 years. His focus has consistently been on creating and taking to market simple products that can be used successfully the first time they are touched, without taking a course or reading a manual. His belief is that the most powerful part of any software system is the human being that we inappropriately call a “user”, and that the value key in software is to let the computer do what it does well (go fast without getting bored) in order to free up human potential.


Road Warrior Radio

Road Warrior Radio is a new podcast hosted by’s Sales VP Ryan Ball. If you spend a good chunk of your life on the road hustling for your livelihood — we’re looking at you, sales execs, entrepreneurs and project managers — then this podcast is for you. Each episode will feature a conversation between Ryan and other Road Warriors filled with tips for staying productive away from the office, war stories from the road and so much more.

Ryan Ball

As the Vice President of Sales, Ryan is responsible for driving the organization towards its broader revenue goals by establishing the strategy, targets, on-boarding, training, and career growth of the sales team. Prior to, Ryan was the Sr. Director of Sales at CarGurus, overseeing a large team of managers and inside sales reps as the organization prepared for the public markets. Before that, Ryan spent seven years at HubSpot in a variety of roles and helped establish their European operations by building the direct sales team in Dublin, Ireland from a team of four to over 80 quota carriers. 


Agile Operations Podcast

The Agile Operations Podcast is a show hosted by’s CEO, Mike Volpe. Episodes feature conversations between Mike and folks who think outside the box as they handle operations at growing companies. Mike hosts several leaders at Agile Operations companies on the show, creating a platform for the next great conversation in the Agile Revolution.

Mike Volpe

Mike Volpe is the CEO at, where he is responsible for the definition and execution of the company’s strategy including customer service, marketing, sales, and operations. Previously he was CMO at Cybereason, a cybersecurity SaaS company, where he helped the company increase pipeline by 650% in a single year, and grow revenue by 5 times during his tenure. Mike was also part of the founding team at HubSpot, where he spent 8 years growing the company from 5 people to over 1,000 employees, $175m in revenue, and a successful IPO. 


Table Fries

This podcast introduces you to the diverse group of women, and lets you listen in to their conversations about career development, work-life balance, and so much more. How do they like to share and collaborate at work? How do they learn from their colleagues? You'll find out when we talk to engineers, product managers, leaders, support, sales, and marketing folks on this new podcast from

Jeanne Hopkins

As Chief Marketing Officer at Lola, Jeanne Hopkins leads both the company’s marketing and customer success organizations. She was previously Executive Vice President and CMO at Ipswitch and has held executive marketing roles at HubSpot, Symmetricom (now Microsemi), SmartBear, MarketingSherpa, and Continuum. At HubSpot, Jeanne’s leadership helped the company land on the number two spot on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies by generating 50,000 net new leads per month. Jeanne is also an accomplished writer, advisor, and speaker. She co-authored “Go Mobile,” a top-selling mobile marketing book on 

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