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Need to Move Your Podcast? Slow down so you don’t botch up your good work.

November 4, 2020

To Do list before you move your podcast

You created this great podcast, or so you thought, and you liked how it was set up, but not really. And you have new team members and they say, "I hate that software, I hate that platform, let's do something better." Or maybe even that platform went away or stopped being as effective, whatever the reason there's a need for a move. But there are some different types of moves. This episode is going to cover what you need to be aware of, how you can prep, and how you can avoid getting missed listeners and losing all your subscribers.

If you do need to move your show and this list is too daunting, reach out to [email protected] - The team at Funnel Media Group can help you with this transition so nothing is missed. 

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