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Slow Show Time is the Time to Review and Improve

November 11, 2020


Sometimes guests are hard to secure during the holidays. Sometimes you are pulled in many directions and don't have the same time for your show. That's OK. Make the use of this time to improve your podcast for next season. Listen to these 10 tips you can start right away. 

You can listen, or just jump to this list without the logic behind it:

  1. Review all posted episodes for typos, check links.
  2. Review your music, commercial, intro, outro. Is it time to freshen them up?
  3. Is host info still current?
  4. Verify your host and team have added to their LinkedIn profiles.
  5. Can you do a few recap episodes - highlight reels to save production time during the holidays and year-end?
  6. If these are in a drip campaign, test each drip, links, graphics to make sure they all work.
  7. How does your show look in all the podcast venues?
  8. Have you missed any or have new ones been added like Podchaser that you want to be listed in - it's free.
  9. What about a "tell us your favorite episode" contest on social. Have them tell you a quote and a timestamp from an episode. Give out show swag. T-shirts, caps, etc.
  10. Look at your stats and do a post on the top episodes for the year and top episodes for all time to link back to them - don't forget to mention those guests, their companies, and THANK THEM!

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