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Programmatic media buying has changed everything

Programmatic media buying has changed everything

October 19, 2021

Using Host Read Ads and Media Buys to Expand Your Audience

We are regularly asked at Funnel Media Group how to jump-start a show's reach into new markets, and reach new audiences. This episode covers advertising, sponsors, and the change in best practices over the past two years. Consumer behaviors have changed - how they consume media. This is where our guest, Mary Ann Pruitt shines through her agency, Mosaic Media Agency. You will want to consider all of her insights and advice, as well as some great suggestions you can get started with today.

Who are we targeting?

How are we targeting?

What about the third-party cookie thing?

First-party data is available to you - you just don't realize it. It's time to invest in collecting your own first-party data.

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