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Why be a lone ranger with a surly sidekick when you could be part of a family.

October 19, 2020

Behind the Mic - Be part of our supportive family

Let's talk about television families.

The good:
The Brady, the Flintstone, Huxtable, Barone, Evans, Drummond & Jackson, Addams, Munster, Cleaver, Duke, Clampett, Arnolds, Jetsons, Partidge, Carwright, Bradford, Cunningham, Ingals, and Kyle Families

Then the not so good but lovable
Bluth, Simpson, Griffin, Bunker, Bundy, Belcher

And the bad.
Soprano, Ewing, Roy, Dutton, Carrington, House of Lannister, and Fisher Families

When we talk about the Lone Ranger, yes, he had one support team member, surly as he could be from time to time. I'm sure he also shook his head at the guy he worked with at how ridiculous and helpless he could be.

Now suppose instead, there was a group of equally intelligent, enthusiastic, genuine, articulate people that wanted you to succeed and that you wanted to succeed.  If there was a plan in place for all to support and succeed with minimal effort, wouldn't that be appealing?

What if there was a small group comprised of fans of all of you, and with skills - big skills - to share your podcast content with new audiences? Now you are no longer a Lone Ranger with a surly assistant, you are part of  supportive podcast family cheering you on and talking about you everywhere - to NEW people. Cool, huh?

I've run across pod squads, LinkedIn link pods and more. They are heavily vetted, and require that the members each promote each others' posts EACH day. that's a lot, especially if you are in more than one because you want the shares to be thoughtful.

Think of Funnel Media Group as your hand-selected Link Pod. Setting up some of the rhythmic routines of sharing frees you up as the outstanding host to personally connect with commenters, listeners, fans, guests, prospects. Our job is to keep the audience growing through the good social media ju-jus with honest, organic posts. 

Get more ideas in this episode and listen to our initiative to wind up the year with a heart - Pause for a Cause.

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