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This Exciting Time in Marketing is What You Were Hired to Do

April 6, 2020


Yeah, yeah these are difficult times, but marketers are always faced with difficult times.  It is every marketer's job to over-come difficult times, be it market crashes, governments that stop buying, recessions, product failures, competitors, international meltdowns, hurricanes, tornadoes. 

As marketers, we've been there and done that and always found a way to recover because that's what we do.  That's why we were hired. We perform in the most difficult of times.  During this show Matt Heinz talks about:

  • "These are the times," Matt says, "Where there is a separation of marketers who understand what it is to create a market versus those in it for the quick win."
  • This is a time for great examples of empathetic and generous brands to create value
  • We will look back in six months and see those marketers that were investing in their future or which were fearful of their present
  • Will you accept your responsibility to rebuild your business?  Your country?  Will you be yourself, which is the builder of wealth for your company or just go after the quick win and abandon your principles?

About Matt Heinz

A prolific author and nationally recognized, award-winning blogger, Matt is President and Founder of Heinz Marketing and the host of Sales Pipeline Radio where his listener base tops 105,000.

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