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How To Get More Listeners for Your Podcast

August 25, 2020

Susan Finch and Paul Roberts on Behind the Mic

Everyone wants more listeners, but realistically, you want more of the RIGHT listeners - those that will be affected by what you say, those that will share your show, and possibly consider your company and products to solve their problems.

But before we get to the list, let's go through a short checklist of what you should be doing to increase your reach in search, and increase your fans.

1. Do you have catchy titles that give a clue what it is about?
2. Do you have a catchy 150 character description that tells what they will hear, the problem it will solve, and who the guest is?
3. Are you editing so everyone sounds good and you don't irritate listeners?
4. Are your topics and guests compelling to your target audience?


Here are the tips:

  1. Create a way for listeners to sign up and receive updates via email when you post a new episode? RSS to email using GetResponse or similar.
  2. Automatically post to your social accounts when you publish a new episode.
  3. Have a way to schedule promotions of past episodes.
  4. Ask people to subscribe in EVERY episode at the end - your call to action CTA.
  5. Send the guest a package and ask them to post it to their connections, followers, etc. all social accounts - you make it EASY for them.
  6. Ask the guest 3 months later where they posted it on their site so you can promote it.
  7. Ask your internal fans to share out episodes each time you publish.
  8. Mention super fans in episodes, @mention them in social posts about it, thank them for being fans.
  9. Include links to subscribe to your shows on a landing page on your main site with a player to binge listen to past episodes.
  10. Include a link to your show in your signature, thank you pages after sign up, registration, newsletter subscriptions.
  11. Include small call-out at the bottom of all newsletters that are emailed. 
  12. Add as a part-time position in your LinkedIn profile to trigger alert to ALL connections. In that position, add the ways they can listen to your show with a link to each venue, if possible. Or take them to the landing page on your MAIN site with all of those app venue links.


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