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Gifts for Podcasters - Playlists and Profiles

December 3, 2020

Playlists and profiles are free tools for podcasters

Tune in for this packed episode with free tools podcasters can use to expand their reach. There are two free tools we are going to cover in this episode:

Using Playlists to increase your exposure in the podcast venues including Spotify, Apple Podcasts/playlists, Podchaser, and the rest that give you that option.

Using Podcast venue profiles to engage with a new audience, in particular Podchaser's creator and claim your podcast feature. There are so many ways just on Podchaser's site. By registering, you are able to make the news feed with your activity including Trending lists - How can you create a list that isn't just, "listen to me! Listen to me!"?

If you need help cultivating these lists, at least to start, contact Susan Finch at Funnel Media Group.

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